Deception of  brothers to explain  last refuge and ancestral property of helpless sister

Reporter, Barura, Comilla : It has been alleged that the ancestral property of Abdul Quader’s house in Shialora village of Dakshin Shilmuri Union No. 9 of Comilla Barura Upazila was forcibly evicted in his own name without distributing it among the heirs. According to a complaint lodged with the Barura Upazila Nirbahi Officer on 13 July 2022, the deceased Chhayera Begum, her father, Hanufa Begum, inherited the property of the late Nawab Ali, according to Islamic law. When Hanufa Begum demanded a share in his ancestral property, Abdul Majid and his two sons, one of the sons of the late Abdul Hamid, were trying to evict Hanufa Begum from her ancestral property. In this regard, a wise court has filed a civil distribution case in Comilla under No. 149/2021. Consumer Abdul Mannan said that Abdul Majid and Abdul Hamid documented their land invisibly and sold their due land invisibly. “They have been harassing my mother’s property for the last 26 years in various ways,” said Mustafa. They both demanded a fair trial for the fraud and sought legal redressal to understand the property they deserved.


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