Reality that will defeat story of movie!


Moynul Bhuiyan, Brahmanbaria : The child is growing in the womb. Need extra food. ‘Husbandless’ Ruma Akhtar is directionless. It is the responsibility to eat rice on the stomach. Excess food is unexpected. A well-known shopkeeper shows the lamp of hope. Give tea, biscuits, cakes every day. However, the condition is to give the child after birth. The helpless Ruma agreed to that condition. Sometimes he sits down without blinking when he is reminded that he has to give birth to a child. Immediately after thinking about the rest of the shop and the conditions, he took the matter back. Opportunity-seeking shopkeeper Ruma lent some money during childbirth. Ruma has given birth to two children together. The shopkeeper appeared. Will have to give with one child. Sometimes he came on the phone or in person and asked her to give birth in a threatening tone. Ruma does not agree. Ruma is upset at the thought of taking the child. Ruma’s two children are named Hasan and Hossain. Jilhaj: Putting this name in front of the month. Hasan and Hossain are very ill. They have been kept under observation at the 250-bed Brahmanbaria General Hospital. Hasan and Hossain have already been given a bag of blood. Meanwhile, the fate changed when the online news about the helpless Ruma Akhter was published. The government is making arrangements for Ruma’s house as well as providing various assistance. The news of Kaler Kantho came to the notice of Director General (Administration) of the Prime Minister’s Office Ahsan Kibria Siddiqui. Shahgir Alam took action in this regard. Talking to Ruma Akhter at the hospital on Tuesday afternoon. At that time, he said, ‘I ate tea, biscuits, cakes from Molla (the common name of the shop) thinking of giving birth well. I have taken money if necessary. Then the mullah used to tell me to give it to him when he was a child. Who will he give the baby to. I wouldn’t. I would say I will pay. Mollah gives some money when my baby is born. Now she wants to take a baby. I will not give my baby to anyone. ‘ Ruma Akter is a child of Lalmohan upazila of Bhola. About 30 years old. Getting out of the house at an early age due to the oppression of an honest mother. Growing up here and there. She got married to a young man from Habiganj a few years ago. She lived with her husband in Akhaura, Brahmanbaria. A few months ago, with her eldest child, her husband married another man and moved away. Ruma does not know where her husband is. Ruma got married to day laborer Ibrahim Miah on the pretext of coming to Kharampur in Akhaura. Ruma’s family was having a good time with one daughter. Husband Ibrahim took his daughter away about six-seven months ago after her second pregnancy. Ruma left her rented house and took shelter at Akhaura railway junction station. The stomach used to get hands from others. Sumi used to call a woman named Akter as her mother. The woman brought Ruma to Akhaura Upazila Health Complex around 11pm on June 26. Ruma Akhter gave birth to two sons in the normal process there. Hasan and Hossain were named after the doctors on the advice of doctors ahead of the month of Jilhaj. However, Ruma is worried about her children. Although he grew up here and there, he was worried about how to raise his children. When the news was published online on June 30, the attention of the Prime Minister’s Office was drawn.

Brahmanbaria Deputy Commissioner Shahgir Alam told the Daily Present Times that the news came to the notice of Director General (DG) of the Prime Minister’s Office Ahsan Kibria Siddiqui. He informed the matter and thanked the reporter for highlighting the overall condition of Ruma Akter. The deputy commissioner said, “The district administration has taken charge of the woman.” The woman will be given a house in the shelter project in Narayanpur area of ​​the upazila. Besides, maternity allowance will be provided. He will be brought under the beneficiary and given 30 kg of rice. Sewing training will be given for self-reliance. Above all, he will be monitored regularly so that he does not fall behind. Financial assistance has already been provided by the district administration and Akhaura upazila administration. The woman and her children are being searched regularly. Akhaura Hospital midwives Tania Akhter and Roxana Akhter said, “The woman came to the hospital with labor pains. When I went to give birth, I saw a twin baby. The pregnant woman was not aware of the matter as no examination was done. The problem arises when one of the woman’s children is found upside down in the womb. Even before, a child can be delivered well by the grace of the Creator as it is a normal process. The woman gave birth to two children at 11:10 pm and 20:20 pm. Sanjida Mahmud, a nurse at the hospital, said, “Both the mother and the baby are in good condition after birth. However, one child was kept under observation as he weighed a little less. The hospital provided all kinds of assistance including giving new clothes to the two children. A woman named Sumi Akhter said, ‘Ruma calls me mother because of my identity. Wednesday night I see him crying while carrying rice for one. Then he said he was having problems. I immediately took him to Akhaura Hospital. With the sincere cooperation of everyone here, Ruma gave birth to two sons without any problems. ‘ Sumi Akhter also said that Ruma used to eat something from a shopkeeper named Mollah in the station area from time to time. He also pays 2,300 rupees during childbirth. In this situation, the shopkeeper is now asking for a child. But Ruma is not willing to have children in any way. Ruma Akhter said, ‘There is no shelter at the station after the husband left with the girl. I have lost my parents since childhood. I left the house under the oppression of my honest mother. One of our five sisters has died. No contact with the rest. I have heard that the government will provide houses if the news is published in the newspapers. The government is looking for me. ‘But he said he would not give any children to the shopkeeper. “The woman is poor,” shopkeeper Liton Mollah told the Daily Present Times on Tuesday afternoon. On the condition of all kinds of cooperation, he promised in front of everyone that he would give birth to a boy or a girl. That’s why I’ve collaborated in various ways with the rest of the store. She has been eating it from my shop since she was five months pregnant. Now the woman is saying she will not give birth. I thought I would take her for one of my nephews who has not had a child for 22 years because she can’t have children. ‘ Liton Mollah Vyabacheka Khan in response to the question of whether it is right to take someone’s child in this way. “I don’t mind if the woman can raise her child now,” he said. I am not insisting on this. ‘


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