Eid-ul-Azha greetings and congratulations to people of all walks of life including Akhura Municipality-Amjad Hossain Khan Ayub


Moynul Bhuiyan Brahmanbaria District Representative Amjad Hossain Khan Ayub, a permanent resident of Ward 8, Devgram, Akhaura Municipality, Brahmanbaria District. He is the acting general secretary of Akhaura Municipality Awami League and a 1st class contractor. Also his role in Grameen Shalis is very nice. He is a strong voice of the youth, a protester of injustice, a just man, and his leading role in social work is always commendable. His grandfather and father have always played an important role in the social arbitration of the society and have always protested against injustice. He strengthened the hand of Sheikh Hasina under the guidance of Hon’ble Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Advocate Anisul Haque MP and the able General Secretary of Akhaura Upazila Awami League and successful three-time elected Mayor of Akhaura Municipality “Takzil Khalifa” Kajal. He stood by the poor, helpless and homeless people on the streets and during the epidemic. He has been constantly searching for the affected areas in Bandhya. Akhaura Upazila i.e. Akhaura Municipality Awami League has greeted people of all walks of life in advance of the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha and wished good health and long life to all and wished blessings to all.


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