Madrasa student rescued by PBI operation in Bhaluka

Anwar Sadat Jahangir, from Mymensingh: Madrasa student Sumaiya Akhter Shimur was rescued by the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) in a raid within two days of receiving the abduction case. She was rescued from Chaparbari in Bhaluka Municipality on Tuesday (July 5, 2022) morning. The rescued Sumaiya Akhter Shimu voluntarily testified under Section 22 at the Tribunal for Suppression of Violence against Women and Children.
PBI Superintendent of Police Gautam Kumar Biswas said Sumaiya Akter Shimu, daughter of Shihab Uddin of Bhalukar Chaparbari, was studying in 8th class at Chaparbari Dakhil Madrasa. On his way to and from Shimu Madrasa, Abu Ibn Miraj Khan of the same village would often tease him and offer him love.
When Shimu reported the matter to his mother Nasima, he informed Miraj’s guardian. Miraj’s guardian Shimur did not listen to his mother’s words and drove Nasima out of their house. Miraj gets angry and threatens Shimu on the road, saying that he will pick him up and defeat him.
Frightened, Shimu stopped going to the madrasa for some time. As his grandmother was ill, Shimu went to see him and left his grandmother’s house on June 3. In the meantime, as soon as he reached near Mallikbari Road, Abu Ibn Miraj and his associates, who were coming from the east, forcibly picked up Shimu by private car and took him to an unknown place.
When Shimu did not return home, his mother Nasima called her grandmother and told her that she had left their house long ago. After searching for Shimu and not finding her anywhere, mother Nasima became the plaintiff and the plaintiff Abu Ibne Miraj along with his mother, his brother, cousin and friend, wise judge (District and Sessions Judge), Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribe, Mymensingh Petition Case No. 69 / 2022, Section-8/30 of the Women and Child Abuse Suppression Act 2000 (No. 03) filed in the wise court.
The Superintendent of Police further said that SI Mohammad Azimul Islam started the investigation under his direction and supervision. Sumaiya Akter Shimu, a kidnapped madrasa student, was rescued within two days of receiving the case with the help of information technology and on the basis of secret information. He added that Abu Ibn Miraj used to tease him on his way to and from Shimu Madrasa.
On June 3, Shimu was on his way home from his grandfather’s house when he reached the Mallikbari Bridge. After being kept there for 10/15 days, Miraj brought the abducted Sumaiya Akhter Shimu to his own house. When Shimu was sent to the court on Tuesday, he testified under section 22.


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