Anti-drug motorcycle parade in Rajbari


Staff Reporter : A special anti-drug rally has been held at Rajbari under the theme ‘Building a drug free society’. On July 7 (Wednesday) at around 11 am, in the presence of more than three hundred motorcycles and six hundred people at the initiative of Akbar Khan Foundation, Rajbari returned to Rajbari town from Sripurasthya terminal at Goalanda junction. At this time leaflets on the evils of drugs were distributed. Expatriate Md. Akbar Khan, Founder of Akbar Khan Foundation and Abdul Karim Khan Qaumi Hafizia Madrasa at Goalanda Mor and Managing Director of Circle Media Network, Chief Adviser of Rajbari Circle and Rajbari Shanti Sangha was felicitated. Addressing the people gathered at the time, he said, “I am with good deeds, and I am by the side of the people of Rajbari for good deeds.” You will all be by my side. He said drugs are a social disorder. This disease must be removed from the society. We will hate drugs. I will bring those who use drugs back from the path of drugs with love. We have a slogan that says no to drugs, to bring back the youth from drugs should not be limited to slogans, we have to build a social movement. After the speech, expatriate Md. Akbar Khan marched around the city of Rajbari from Goaland junction in an anti-drug motorcycle rally. More than 600 people on three motorcycles present at the time started chanting anti-drug slogans.


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