Singapore can be Patuakhali, it is a matter of time


Kazi Mamun, Coastal Representative :University of Science and Technology, Medical College, Sheikh Hasina Army Camp, EPZ, Pigeon Port, Thermal Power Station, Ecopark, Water Museum, Jahaz Mara Beach, Sonar Char, Closed Temple, Historic Behula Lakhinder Airport , This district has always attracted a lot of travel thirsty people.At present, the focal point of tourists is Kuakata beach. The current image of the beach shows that the beach is losing its beauty due to the construction of untidy structures and business activities, the beach is being filled with garbage.Sagar Kanya Patuakhali Kuakata refers to the beach as a tourist spot, and thousands of people from home and abroad flock to Kuakata every day for leisure or recreation. Since the inauguration of the Padma Bridge on 25/22, thousands of people have descended on the beach area in the current monsoon season.The owners of hotels and motels here are seeing the face of the overcrowded crowd of tourists due to the uninterrupted road communication after overcoming the outbreak of corona for two long years. According to the traders, tourists from different parts of the country and abroad will be able to reach Kuakata in less time through the Padma Bridge.Md. Jamil from Mymensingh, who brought his family across the Padma Bridge, said, “I came with some of my friends in 2001. I had to cross six ferries. Now that I can come to Kuakata in just 10-11 hours from Mymensingh to Dhaka, he said that this trip of mine is not like forgetting.On the other hand, due to the uninterrupted communication of the roads, the pressure of the visitors in the eco park of Barguna Tal Tali has increased a lot in the time of mathematical bones. Tourists visiting Kuakata beach are adding a new dimension to them. The number of tourists in the ecopark is significant as the Tal Tali road from Kuakata beach is uninterrupted.Tourists visiting Taltoli Ecopark said that this eco park in Taltoli in the middle of Kuakata via Patuakhali has fed the minds of tourists like us. Due to the efforts of the present government and the natural development of Tal Tali, the number of tourists visiting Kuakata is increasing day by day as compared to the past. Different types of light, home motorized vehicles.At that time, crossing the Lebukhali Pigeon Bridge at the entrance of Patuakhali district by road to Kuakata, there are about 47 bends and 27 small and big bazaars or stands and two-lane road smaller than necessary. According to tourists and locals, three-wheelers, motorbikes and motorcycles were found to be responsible for accidents on this highway and the limited road system was responsible for it.The general public and tourists are worried that this system will speed up due to the Padma Bridge. They said that if the roads in the region are simplified and the road guidelines are published and made into law, the wheel of the economy will be faster with the help of Sagar Kanya Kuakata.On the other hand, the tourists visiting Kuakata said that if you go to the beach because of the shops, hotels and markets on the beach, you have to enter through the annoying environment. By creating in the environment, the tourists are insulted and many kinds of offensive incidents happen.On the other hand, there are markets and floating shops everywhere on the beach and unplanned privately owned small and medium residential hotels are the main reason. , Unplanned, irregularly run in a tantric way, these residential hotels are gambling and drug fair at night.The pungent smell of all kinds of marine fish markets and fry shops floating on the beach is poisoning the beach environment. The unplanned way of life has lost its splendor to the beach due to commercial reasons, and the area of Sagar Beach Point has been steadily declining. The beach is changing its shape every year due to the breaking of the sea shore. On the other hand, dead fish of various species of marine animals are coming to the beach from time to time. Everyone thinks that this is also a bad behavior of the environment.Ordinary people, tourists and businessmen think that the inauguration of Padma Bridge should be taken in a timely manner to make this southern district suitable for safe and beautiful living. He said it would not take long for the region to become the second Singapore or any other advanced modern state in the near future if immediate steps were taken.


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