Baishakhi Enterprise for handing over responsibility is a victim of harassment Mintu


Hafizur Rahman / SM Raju Ahmed: Various irregularities and complications are going on with the transfer of responsibility of Boishakhi Enterprise in Alur Bazar of the capital. After the death of the late Shah Jalal Dulal and his wife Dalia Jalal, the head of the organization, complications and litigation have been going on with the owner for the last 3 years. The solution has not been found yet – one complaint after another is growing. However, according to patriarchal sources, the only daughter in the current ownership of the property, Sebun Nazmi (31), is now lost due to the sudden death of her parents. He is now embroiled in the ongoing psychological abuse of other patriarchal partners over the division of his father’s existing property. Didn’t understand the movable and immovable left by the father. On the one hand, uncle’s uncle’s preaching, on the other hand, various obstacles have been created with the transfer of ownership and responsibility of uncles. Behind the incident are the brothers and sisters of the late Shah Jalal Dulal, the head of Baishakhi Enterprise. Meanwhile, Sebun Nazmi lodged written complaints against his uncles Lt. Col. Nurul Kabir Babu and Farhad Kabir Kachi at local police stations and various administrative departments, including business organizations, to regain ownership and save them from harassment and torture by uncles. Sebun Nazmi’s great uncles Kazi Riazul Islam Mintu and Kazi Iftekharul Islam Rintu have been accused of harassing and insulting Kazi Riazul Islam Mintu with RAB. The complaint was lodged by Kazi Reazul Islam Mintu, son of late Gazi Shamsul Islam of Arambagh area of ​​Motijheel police station. He is the uncle of Sebun Nazmir, a businessman from Alubazar area under Bangshal police station and elder brother of late Dalia Jalal. He is going door to door with the higher authorities of the administration for justice as he was humiliated in his last years. Kazi Reazul Islam Mintu and Sebun Nazmi along with the Prime Minister, along with the Home Minister, lodged a written complaint with the Bangshal and Motijheel police stations along with the Bangladesh Army, the Directorate General of Defense Intelligence and the Inspector General of Police. The victim Kazi Reazul Islam said that my niece Sebun Nazmi has been living with us for the last 3 years since the sudden death of my brother-in-law Shah Jalal Dulal and my sister Dalia Jalal on 25-04-21. Sebun’s uncle Farhad Kabir Kachi and Lt. Col. Nurul Kabir Babu used their power to bring me and my brother Kazi Iftekharul Islam Rintu to the RAB-2 office in Mohammadpur on 19-5-22 with the help of RAB-2 members. Then Nurul Kabir Babu tortured Indane mentally and abused us in vulgar language. At that time RAB-2 CEO Abu Naeem Talat took me to a room and insulted me. He said that one of my sons would be caught with yaba and the other would be called a militant and threatened to be hanged in various cases. We are living in fear and terror. Talking about the next 24-05-22 agreement, the two of us, including niece Sebun Nazmi, went to RAB-2 at 6.15 pm on the same day. I went and saw Sebun’s uncle Lt. Col. Nurul Kabir Babu, and Farhad Kabir Kochi, RAB-2 CEO Abu Naeem Talat, RAB-2’s law officer Uttam Kumar, Advocate Selim Reza Chowdhury, Barrister Taishir Mahmud were present there. At that time, he kept us in a room on the 2nd floor of RAB-2 from 6.15 pm to 1.25 pm and forced us to sign the contract. Uttam Kumar Biswas, a law officer of RAB-2, threatened that if he did not sign the agreement, he would not allow anyone to come out. He also said that at this age, you never expected to hear such heinous threats including Tukari. If I am not a gardener or an employee of Baishakhi Enterprise, then why did this torture harass me? I want a fair trial. My fervent appeal to the Hon’ble Prime Minister is that he has abused his power as a man of the administration and we are demanding exemplary punishment for him. On the other hand, the victim Kazi Iftekharul Islam Rintu said that like his elder brother, Lt. Colonel Nurul Kabir Babu, the uncle of Sebun, threatened me with the CEO of RAB-2. They will catch me with yaba. They are taking news from me. My wife will walk in the streets. They have said all kinds of bad things. মিI’ve been wandering around for proper justice but I haven’t found any solution. In this regard, RAB Director General Syed Abdullah Al Mamun told our voice, talk to the Legal and Media Wing to know the details of the incident. Commander Khandaker Al Moin, the director of Legal and Media Wong, could not be reached for comment.


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