Made Madrasa student cheating

Moynul Bhuiyan, Brahmanbaria Correspondent: Three people have been arrested on charges of cheating a madrasa student. Jamia Mazharul Haque Darul Uloom Madrasa authorities in Akhaura municipal area of ​​Brahmanbaria detained them on Monday afternoon. The three detainees are giving their identities one by one. It is learned that the three students of the madrasa pretended to go to different houses in Devgram. They continue to raise funds for the Mazharul Haq Madrasa. If one of them is in doubt, he asks them for a receipt printed in the name of the madrasa. Seeing the receipts they have, the suspicion is more prone. Later they were arrested and taken to the madrasa. Jamia Mazharul Haque Darul Uloom Madrasa teacher Suhail Ahmed Dharmandli told the Daily Present Times that for the last one year, donations were being collected in the name of the madrasa in different parts of the district. But it was not clear who was doing it. The suspicion was revealed when a man brought the Qur’an Sharif for the madrasa three days ago. The man then said that several madrassa students went to him and asked him for money to buy the Qur’an. But now he has brought Qur’an Sharif as he could not pay as he did not have money in hand. Suhail Ahmed added that on Monday, they started collecting help in the area adjacent to the madrasa. He also takes money from many people. If one of them is suspected, they are detained. The detainees said their home was in Tarail upazila of Kishoreganj. After giving a phone number, he cut off the line after understanding the issue of detention. The matter has been reported to the ward councilor of the municipality. Necessary steps will be taken in this regard in consultation with the concerned.


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