Number of launches on water route in Patuakhali has been reduced

Mamun, Coastal Correspondent: The launch of the Padma Bridge has affected the launches plying the Patuakhali-Dhaka route. The authorities of the launches have not received the desired passengers for three days since the inauguration of the Padma Bridge last Sunday. Fares have been reduced to hold passengers.The ghat authorities said that the number of launches on the route has been reduced due to lack of adequate passengers. One is a two-storey, the other a three-storey launch.Sundarbans-14 launch cabin in charge of Patuakhali Ghat. Zafar Mia said the total number of cabins in their launch for first class passengers including single, double, family, VIP is 129. Of these, 92 cabins have been booked by 5:15 pm. The rest of the cabin is empty. Apart from that, till that time, a total of 200 to 250 passengers have been called on the ground floor and second floor.The launch in-charge said, ‘At most times of the year, our launch cabins have almost all the advance bookings a day in advance. Considering the passengers, we have fixed the fare for ordinary passengers at only 300 rupees. “The presence of these few passengers on the launch will not last long,” he said. Hopefully we will get passengers as before. Now maybe many people are going to Dhaka or Patuakhali by car to see the new bridge. ‘Abdul Aziz, in-charge of Patuakhali Ghat, said about 45 cabins have been booked for his launch. There are 150 to 200 ordinary passengers on the ground and second floors. They are also charging Rs 300 for launch and Rs 1,000 for single cabin. Double cabin rent 2 thousand rupees. But before Eid-ul-Adha, we hope to get the same number of passengers as before.Because many passengers in Dhaka will not be able to come by bus with their luggage, the ghat authorities said, till June 25, a total of four two-storey and three-storey launches were plying on the Dhaka-Patuakhali route every day. The demand for cabins for these launches was like a golden deer. The launches used to come and go with more passengers than their capacity.


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