Human chain against alleged journalist Asadullah for embezzling money by defaming police superintendent


Munshiganj Gazaria Representative: Asadullah, a journalist, took money to get a job as a police constable at Bhaberchar bus stand in Munshiganj’s Gazaria upazila at around 11pm. Because he did not have a job, he forced the families of the victims to return the money. Three or four months ago, the police administration issued a recruitment notice for the post of police constable in Munshiganj district. Taking the opportunity to recruit manpower, Asadullah snatched around Rs 50 lakh from the families of the victims to get jobs in other departments including police constable post by discrediting the name of Superintendent of Police Munshiganj. The victim, CNG driver Mostafa, said that his house was in Karimkha village of Imampur Union. Journalist Asadullah. Al-Amin, the owner of Nipa Studios, said he could not be found when he went to the third floor of the rented house of Bhaberchar Cinema Hall several times to get his money back as he did not have a job. When his wife told him about it, they said they knew nothing. Small businessmen, poor and helpless families brought money at high interest from various relatives and investors and handed it over to the so-called journalist Asadullah. It was said that if there is no job, Asadullah will immediately hand over the money to the victims. He buys Primio brand cars for personal use without refund. We have become destitute by paying high interest to the investors. Today, at the height of the wait, I beg for proper help from the administration. The human chain entered Gazaria police station from Bhaberchar bus stand through Anand Mela cinema hall and stopped in front of Gazaria upazila press club for some time. On-duty investigation officer of Gazaria police station Tanvir Ahmed said you have filed a case in the court. I will arrest you if there is a warrant.


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