Land grabbing and extortion transport on various routes after inauguration of Padma Bridge


Own reporter: Local influentials and politicians have been involved in extortion of lakhs of rupees every day by occupying various transports and footpaths on the highways of the BBA. Tensions are running high between transport workers and ordinary passengers over illegal occupation of government land and extortion in transport. According to the investigation, the local Raghabboyals are collecting donations every day. In this regard, the locals said, there are clashes between different groups every day just for the sake of occupation. According to the locals, the chairman of Naodoba Union Parishad is

1. Alamgir Dhali directed the local influential 2. Kamal Hossain Bepari Father: Abul Hossain Bepari Sang-Kalu Bepari Kandi, 3. Sharif Hawlader (45) father Soleman Hawlader, 4. Rokon Dhali (44) father Mozaffar Dhali, 5. Selim Dhali Father Barek Dhali, . Liaquat Bepari father Wahab Bepari, . Thandu Chokdar’s father Sultan Chokdar, . Swapan Hawladar father Shafi Hawladar, 9. Mizan Mollah Father Sattar Mollah, 10. Apu Bepari Father Abul Hossain Bepari 11. Delwar Munshi Father Rashid Munshi, 12. Shahin Dhali Father Insan Dhali 13. Anwar Dhali father Yusuf Dhali, 14. Bakul Sheikh Father Nurul Sheikh, 15. Palash Bepari Father Shamsul Haque Bepari, 17. Babu, 18 / Zulfiqar Munshi 16. Altaf Chokdar’s father was Sultan Chokdar 19.

Sang West Naodoba people are occupying government land on both sides of the roundabout of the Padma Bridge, setting up half a hundred shops and extorting cash from drivers, including battery-powered easybikes, microbuses, passenger buses, freight trucks, without any receipts. Every day from morning till late night, influential people are collecting tolls at the rate of three hundred rupees per day. At least lakhs of rupees are being collected from footpaths and transport every day. , Easybike Mishuk, Vans, Microbuses, Passenger Buses, Freight Trucks, are paying Rs. 50-300. Doing. Talking on the phone, Shariatpur Superintendent of Police said, “I am looking into the matter.” “I am not aware of the extortion but I am sending a sub-inspector to search the spot,” he said. When he came out, he did not take the matter into consideration and went to the other side. The reporter was assured that he would look into the matter after talking to senior officials of the RAB headquarters on mobile phones about the BBA’s occupation of government land and extortion in transport on various routes. The reporter has secretly recorded the video of the extortion on his mobile phone.


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