Keya of Madaripur Government College has secured 3rd position in DU’s ‘B’ unit

Md. Roman Bepary, Madaripur Correspondent: Sabrin Akhter Keya of Madaripur Government College has bagged the 3rd place in the admission test of ‘B’ unit of the Faculty of Arts of Dhaka University. Monday (June 26) at noon, the university’s vice chancellor. Md. Akhtaruzzaman announced the result.
It is learned that Sabrin Akhter Keya is a student of Humanities Department of Madaripur Government College. He came third with a total score of 96.25 including the marks obtained on the basis of GPA in secondary and higher secondary examinations. Meanwhile, as a result, the pass rate is 9.8 percent. Only 5 thousand 622 people have passed.
Sabreen Akhter Keya said, “First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the great creator for this success.” The biggest contributor behind this success is my parents. With that I thank our Madaripur Government College teachers for inspiring me.
Principal of Madaripur Government College Md. Zaman Mia said, “We are proud that our Madaripur Government College student Keya has passed 3rd in DU admission test. I always wish him success.


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