Allegation of cutting down trees on government roads without tender against mayor of Sakhipur municipality

Sakhipur (Tangail) Representative The mayor of Tangail’s Sakhipur municipality has been accused of cutting down government trees and selling them without a tender. In the last one week, nine 35-year-old mahogany trees have already been cut down and sold in the Bhai Bhai Cinema Hall area on the Sakhipur-Kachua road. Locals have complained that more than two hundred trees worth crores of rupees are being cut down. The chairman of the Upazila Parishad said that it is wrong to cut government trees without tender. I will keep a diary in this regard at the police station. According to the Sakhipur Municipality Engineering Department, a one-kilometer RCC drain is being constructed along the regional highway from Mokhtar Foyara Chattar in Sakhipur Municipality to Bhai Bhai Cinema Hall area under the infrastructure development project of 10 municipalities in Tangail district. A contractor named Messrs. JS Construction is doing the work worth Tk 1.71 crore. In order to build a drain on that one kilometer road, at least more than two hundred trees have to be cut down. One week ago, while constructing the drain, the mayor of the municipality cut down and sold nine 35-year-old mahogany trees. Locals have started criticizing the Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) for cutting down these trees against the mayor without tender for the last 10 days. The locals think that the value of those nine trees is about seven lakh rupees. Locals complained that more than two hundred trees worth crores of rupees were being cut down. Upazila Engineer Bidyut Kumar Das said they would take action against those who have been given roads and highways at present. Zahidul Islam, a contractor for Messrs. JS Construction, said it was not possible to build a drain without cutting down trees. Nine trees have been cut down by the mayor and drain work is being done. If more than a hundred trees are cut down, the rest of the work will be done. Mayor of Sakhipur Municipality Bir Muktijoddha Abu Hanif Azad told reporters that the construction work of the drain has been started by cutting down some dead trees to facilitate the work of the drain. The remaining trees will be cut through tenders and drains will be constructed. If you want to work, you have to do something. There is nothing to write in the newspaper. Sakhipur Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Farzana Alam could not be reached for comment as she was undergoing training abroad. Sakhipur Upazila Parishad Chairman Zulfiqar Haider Kamal Lebu said it was wrong to cut government trees without tender. I heard the mayor cut down nine big trees and sold them. I will make a general diary in this regard at the police station.


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