Concerns are growing on Dhaka-Kuakata highway


Kazi Mamun, Coastal Representative : After the opening of the Padma Bridge, the ferry crossing on the Mawa route will be closed. However, experts say that after the construction of the bridge, the number of vehicles on this route will increase a lot. Which will put additional pressure on the south-western region, including the south. As a result, the southern Patuakhali district will be widely known as a tourist city of the region in Bangladesh and the world. This will increase the risk of traffic jams. Now we have to look at the matter.On the other hand, they said, but the suffering will be reduced on the Paturia-Daulatdia route, it is news of hope. With the launch of the Padma Bridge, the country is entering a new era of communication in the south-western part of the country. Road connectivity has been established in the capital Dhaka with 21 districts of the region. As a result, it will be easier to reach Dhaka easily by road. On the other hand, both time and labor will be reduced due to the bridge. A new door of trade and industrial management is being opened in the country.The communication system is going to change radically. Ordinary people and businessmen say that most of the transport in the south will increase the pressure on various types of vehicles including transport due to the uninterrupted use of Dhaka-Kuakata highway to meet the needs of visitors and quality of life in all districts of Dhaka and surrounding areas without suffering. Experts say that the divisional city has become an uninterrupted road from Barisal to Kuakata.However, there are growing concerns about the Padma Bridge, which was inaugurated in June 2022 on the Dhaka-Kuakata route. Concerns are being raised about the increase in traffic on the Dhaka-Kuakata route.Sharu, Akambaka roads and market ghats built everywhere, road accidents will increase due to the stand. The recently opened pigeon port, thermal power plant, EPZ, university, medical college in the southern district Sagarkanya Khet Patuakhali will speed up the system of the people of the region. Fresh life must be lost.At present, there are 48 small and big curved roads and about 26 stands and small and big unfinished buildings owned by the people adjacent to the road. Accommodation.Tourists and business people who come to visit the local people living in the area say that it is time to speed up and simplify the roads in the area.


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