Aceland urges not to make unethical transactions in land services in Trishal


Anwar Sadat Jahangir: Hasan Abdullah Al Mahmood, Assistant Commissioner, Land, Trishal, said, “Dear Land Service Candidates, if you feel that you are being harassed for getting land services through a middleman, please contact my office directly.” He further said that if there is more delay than the scheduled time to get the service, then directly inform the Assistant Commissioner (Land), Trishal. If not possible, call 01733-373333. If anyone demands more money from you than the fee fixed by the government, you must inform the Assistant Commissioner (Land), Trishal. I assure you that exemplary punishment will be taken immediately through the appropriate authorities. He also urged not to bribe anyone to get any service before the stipulated time, adding that if there is any slight deviation in the paperwork related to his land, he should disclose it and discourage any middleman from paying for the service. Said. If someone’s name is canceled, come to the Upazila Land Office to know the reason. If you are not satisfied with the answer, you can get a solution by applying to the Appellate Authority, ie Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue). Iceland is not the final authority. If the Namjari / Miscase order goes against you, if it is for a logical reason, I request you to be tolerant and not to spread false propaganda. He said do not do any illegal lobbying. As a conscious citizen you can report your complaint in writing to the Assistant Commissioner (Land), Upazila Executive Officer, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue), Deputy Commissioner and even the Divisional Commissioner Sir. He wished the spontaneous participation of all in the formation of transparent, beautiful, corruption free land administration. Hasan Abdullah Al Mahmoud is floating in the praise of the people of Trishel of the country with this post on Aceland Trishal ID.


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