Nurul Islam, imprisoned in Malaysia, was brought to country by UNO of Trishal


Anwar Sadat Jahangir: Md. Shahadat Ali Sheikh’s son from Biyara Dakshinpara village of Balipara union of Trishal upazila of Mymensingh, who migrated to Malaysia about 14 years ago after finishing his father’s help to restore the family’s well-being. Nurul Islam. The family’s fortunes did not change during the two vacations in the country, and the third time they returned to work in Malaysia in the hope of a better future. This time danger took over, the day of trouble began. He was jailed for five years under Malaysian government law. Thanks to the generosity of Akhtaruzzaman, the 2nd Secretary of the High Commission of the country and Trishal Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Mymensingh, he was finally released from prison and returned to his country and family. It is learned that Nurul Islam, son of Shahadat Ali Sheikh of Biara village in Balipara union of Trishal, is now a prisoner in Malaysia after migrating for a better life. Nurul Islam’s wife Mahfuza, children and elder brother Abdul Awal were present during the meeting with the Upazila Nirbahi Officer on Tuesday. Later, Upazila Nirbahi Officer Md. Akhtaruzzaman took initiative to bring him back to the country and confirmed the plane ticket. Md Akhtaruzzaman, UNO of Trishal, said, “I hope Nurul Islam will return to the country very soon. All the necessary steps have been taken to bring him back to the country.” Abdul Awal, Nurul Islam’s elder brother, said he often moved to Malaysia 14 years ago because of Rizik’s persecution. He came home several times in between, but was arrested three years ago after his passport expired. I could not take any action. Finally, we have completed this process through the Upazila Nirbahi Officer Md. Akhtaruzzaman. We are grateful to Sir.


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