Khulna Sholpur, anxious and disoriented villagers are getting lost in river due to erosion


Kazi Rubayet Islam, Khulna Reporte: Large areas of Yugihati, Amtala and Khejurtala have been affected by river erosion. Hundreds of houses and crop lands have been lost in the riverbed, innumerable people have become destitute after losing their last possessions. Many families are living like nomads in the riverbed. For centuries, elected representatives of all governments in the region have promised to prevent disintegration, but no one has ever spoken before. The locals complained that the officials did not show any remorse even though they carried out the program for the cause. Meanwhile, hundreds of houses were destroyed in the demolition but the authorities did not take any permanent action. The victims are angry. Goes. One of his grandsons drowned last year. Since then, one river after another has eroded and he has had to change his house again and again. When he falls asleep, he is in a state of panic with this last piece of the river in his womb. Even though he had lost his house, he stood on the bank of the river and in a tearful voice showed with his hand that his house was on the other side of the river. There were plants, barns, but now he has nothing. He also sought the government’s intervention in the end. In this regard, bamboo palanquin piling and V-piling were done on behalf of Aichgati Union Parishad. If the erosion is stopped temporarily and it is not possible permanently. If the erosion continues in this way, the village named Sholpur-Yugihati will soon disappear from the map from Aichgati Union. Despite promising to pass the project, it has not been implemented today. I am seeking the intervention of the Prime Minister. However, he has given a new message of hope – the executive engineer of the Khulna District Water Development Board’s Pur Division 1. Erosion cannot be prevented with a small budget. Large projects are needed to prevent river erosion permanently. Khulna River erosion has already been submitted to the Ministry by the Board. This project of the Ministry of Water Resources is currently under process. Therefore, we can start the work only after the approval of the project under process. Besides waiting for the decision of the government, we are also trying to get the project approved quickly. He also said that the supervision of the local people’s representatives is important in this regard. Meanwhile, even though the victims have taken care of themselves, there is no end to the frustration of the people living along the river. There is no certainty as to how long he will be able to live.


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