Beginning of  golden age with  inauguration  Padma Bridge

Khan Md. A. Majid : The gates of the dream Padma Bridge opened on Saturday (June 25). The beginning of the golden age in 21 districts of the southern region including Faridpur.
Meanwhile, investors have started action plans for multi-faceted projects in industry, agriculture and tourism. They think that these neglected districts will improve in all respects. It will create employment opportunities for millions of people.
Concerned people say that the construction of expressway on Padma bridge and Dhaka-Bhanga road has reduced the travel time on this route. People from Faridpur area working in the capital can do office-court and urgent work from their homes. .Earlier, it took more than five hours to reach Dhaka from Faridpur. With the launch of the bridge, the capital can now be reached within two hours.
Md. Jubayer Zakir, Organizing Secretary of Bangladesh Road Transport Workers Federation and President of Faridpur Motor Workers Union, said the people of Faridpur will be able to reach Dhaka in a very short time by crossing the Padma Bridge. .At present it takes about an hour to reach Bhanga from Faridpur and another hour to reach Kanthalbari from Bhanga. Dhaka can now be reached in two hours from Faridpur. It will save more than three hours. ‘


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