Tesla is losing billions of dollars!

Online Desk: World-renowned electric vehicle maker Tesla In-Corporation is in trouble with their new plant. The company is losing billions of dollars to factories in the United States and Germany due to a shortage of Chinese batteries and supply disruptions. This information has been confirmed by Tesla owner Elon Musk himself. This information was obtained from a report of the British media BBC. It said the Covid-19 situation still exists in large parts of China this year. In areas where there are Tesla factories, including in Shanghai, it has become much harder for manufacturers to work. That is why the popular car manufacturer has faced financial problems. In recent weeks, Elon Musk has warned of layoffs. It is believed that the multi-billionaire has decided to lay off workers to prevent financial catastrophe. Elon Musk also called Tesla’s factories in Berlin and Austin “huge money reactors.” “We have to spend a lot of money on two factories, which is really difficult for us,” he said. We are investing billions of dollars in these two factories. But the output is much lower than that. According to the BBC, Elon Musk is meeting with Tesla owners of the company-recognized club Silicon Valley. He said the so-called giga factories have been struggling to increase production since they opened earlier this year. But Gigafactory has been hit hard by the Shanghai lockdown. Tesla is building a small number of cars in Austin. Because the batteries used to make these cars are still stuck in Chinese ports, and there is no one to bring them! These problems will be solved very quickly. But for that we need to pay more attention to our work, Musk added. Chinese authorities imposed lockdowns in several major cities earlier this year as Kovid-19 infections increased. Shanghai, where Tesla’s factory is located, is also subject to strict restrictions on the operation of financial, manufacturing and shipping hubs. That’s why Tesla is in trouble. Battery production stops. However, the financial losses of the company are increasing day by day as the ones that were made are stuck in the port.


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