Superintendent of Police in IGP Cup Inter-Unit Police Kabaddi Competition in Dinajpur

Md. Nur Islam Nayan: District Police Dinajpur and RRF-Rangpur runners-up became the champions in the final match of IGP Cup Inter-Unit Police Kabaddi Championship-2022 organized by Dinajpur District Police on Thursday 23rd June at the historic Bara Maidan Sports Village premises. Dinajpur Superintendent of Police Mohammad Anwar Hossain BPM, PPM (Bar) Additional DIG has been promoted as the chief guest in the presidency of Additional Superintendent of Police Sachin Chakma. Bakshi Bachchu, President of Dinajpur Press Club, Subrata Majumder Dollar, General Secretary of District Sports Association Dinajpur and General Secretary of Dinajpur Press Club spoke as special guests. Additional Superintendent of Police (DSB) Md. Aslam Uddin and Additional Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Md. Rezwanul Islam spoke on the occasion. Chief Guest Superintendent of Police Mohammad Anwar Hossain BPM, PPM (Bar) said, “Mr. IG launched this Kabaddi IGP Cup to preserve the Bengali tradition of the once popular Kabaddi game. The popular game of Kabaddi is becoming popular again. Swaroop Bakshi Bachchu, president of Dinajpur Press Club, said that in order to save the youth from the scourge of drugs, they need to be involved in various sports. The IGP Cup Kabaddi competition has proved that there is no alternative to sports for a nation and for the youth. Special guest Subrata Majumder Dollar, general secretary of the district sports body, said that the district police has made kabaddi popular today. However, the district sports body has been playing kabaddi for a long time and has gained a reputation in competitions in different districts of Bangladesh. Md. Kamruzzaman, Md. Anwarul Islam, Md. Habibur Rahman were the referees and Md. Shamsul Alam was the scorer. SI Abdul Khaleq narrates the game. Chief Guest Superintendent of Police Mohammad Anwar Hossain BPM, PPM (Bar), Special Guest Dinajpur Press Club President Swarup Bakshi Bachchu, District Sports Association General Secretary Subrata Majumder Dollar and District Police Officers District Police Dinajpur Kabaddi Players Championship Trophy and RRF Rangpur Runners Up And awards medals to other players. Note that the police kabaddi team of 6 districts participated in the competition of Rangpur division.


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