Brazil at the top of the rankings, Argentina in top the three

FIFA released a new ranking list on Thursday (June 23) based on the performance of the teams in this year’s international schedule. With a great performance, Brazil has strengthened itself at the top. Argentina are one step ahead of the rest of the world thanks to their victories in the final and international friendly. Meanwhile, Bangladesh has deteriorated at the bottom of the rankings. Jamal Bhuiyan, who started with a draw against Indonesia, has lost the next three matches. As a result, the disciples of Javier Cabrera moved four places from the 188th position to the 192nd position. Five-time world champion Brazil has shown 100 percent success in this year’s international schedule. That’s why Selesaora is at the top. Belgium is in the second place. Argentina has taken a step forward by winning both the matches. The team is in three positions. France, on the other hand, is one step behind in the performance drought in the League of Nations. Argentina’s rating stood at 180.85 as a result of the final against Italy and the victory against Estonia. On the other hand, due to poor performance in the UEFA Nations League, France’s rating point has dropped to 1770.65. At the top is Brazil’s rating point 1764.85. Belgium is in both with 1821.92 points. England has been in the top five. One step ahead of Spain is now six, and one step back is Italy. The Netherlands are two steps ahead, they are now eight. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal is one step behind. Denmark is at number ten.


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