Gumti water in different areas of Muradnagar upazila is near danger level


Md. Khorshed Alam:  Comilla District Muradnagar Upazila Sadar Union 13th, 14th Nabipur East Union, 15th Nabipur West Union and 16th Dhamghar Union in different areas of the Gomti river water is touching the danger level; Khan Mohammad Waliuzzaman, executive engineer of the district water development board, said that the water level had risen to 85 cm below the danger level on Monday. Gone. Farmers in Gumti Char cultivate vegetables all the year round. At present, farmers are suffering due to sinking of chars. Farmers are picking up untimely crops due to sinking of chars. Chairman of Nabipur West Union Parishad No. 15 Haji VP Zakir said Chowdhury Kandi, Naya Kandi of ward no. Gomti originated in the Sonaimuri area of ​​Udaipur in the Indian state of Tripura. Comilla is about 90 km downstream. The river joins Comilla Sadar, Burichang, Debidwar, Muradnagar, Titas and Daudkandi upazilas in Meghna. This has led to severe floods in those areas, including Sylhet in upstream Bangladesh.


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