A-League leaders and forest beat officers in coastal areas He has taken lakhs of rupees!

Kazi Mamun, Coastal Representative : A. of Coastal Charmontaj Union. Under the leadership of General Secretary Russell Khan and Wahid Khan Raj, there are allegations of illegally giving fish bits to all (mangrove) char forests in Charmontaj Union.According to eyewitnesses, fish was caught in the canal of the garden under Montaz Forest Camp in Char Montaz Union of the upazila. The matter was reported to the concerned officer but no action was taken. This is not only happening in Charmontaj Union but also in Char Biswas Union.Locals allege that Char Biswas bit officer Wahab Sheikh and UP member Tofazzal Akon and chairman’s nephew Rubel Char Biswas have been given earthen embankments horizontally for fishing in the canal, waking up char and canal fishing. Insecticides have been sprayed to catch fish, rotting water is spreading bad smell.Bit officer Wahab Sheikh and UP member and chairman’s nephew Rubel have snatched around Rs 3 million from the work of various people by occupying Sluliz. On the other hand, Char Bastin Bagan Khal, Sonar Char Bagan Khal, Nayar Char Bagan Khal and Bailabunia Sluliz of Charmontaj Union have been seized and about Rs. Leaders Russell Khan and Wahid Khan Raj.It can be seen on the ground, local fishermen Shahin Sharif and Mamun Sikder said, A. in Charmontaj Union. As soon as the league got the post, Char, Khal, Sluice started calling for money exchange. Fishing in the forest is prohibited if you can’t pay. The people who have given money have been given earthen embankments for fishing in the canal. Pesticides have been sprayed to catch fish, the stench of rotting canal water is spreading. Earthen dams have also been provided horizontally in this canal of Char Bastin and Sana Char forests.Pesticides have been sprayed to catch fish. The rotting stench of the canal water. Free fishing is going on in at least 30 canals of 5 forests of Rangabali Respiratory (Mangrove) of Patuakhali of Forest Department. Many people are spraying pesticides to catch fish fast. It has been alleged that some unscrupulous officials and employees of the forest department are involved in such illegal activities of fish traders.Recently, several earthen dams have been seen on the ground in five canals of Sonar Char Bagan canal and Nayar Char Bagan. However, the number of dams is even higher, said local fishermen. They say that the fish traders have given the dams at the junction of rivers and canals. The dam and fishing have been going on like this for a month. In this way, the respiratory forest is facing loss due to free fishing. Forest livestock and biodiversity are at risk.Patuakhali University of Science and Technology, Chairman of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry. Masudur Rahman said that there is a need for tides in the canals inside the respiratory forest. If dams are built in the canals, the flow of water will be stopped. If the water is dried with irrigation, the root of the tree will not get water. Even forest trees cannot grow naturally. So in no way can the forest canal be dammed.Md. Haider, bit officer of Charmontaj Range, said that there are respiratory forests of the forest department in the islands including Char Bestin Bagankhal, Sonar Char Bagan Khal, Nayar Char Bagan. The bit officer of Char Biswas said that the local chairman, members and politicians are coordinating with the locals. These archipelagos have woken up at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal. There are also protected forests here. The area of six char forest is about 15 thousand acres.On condition of anonymity, some fish traders said that Char Biswas Char bit officer and local leader Member and A. of Charmontaj Union. General secretaries Russell Khan and Wahid Khan Raj have to pay five to seven lakh rupees for fishing in each forest. It takes time and a lot of money to catch fish with irrigation. Fishermen use pesticides to catch fish from the canal at low cost and fast.He could not be reached for comment. Charmontaj a. The general secretary of the league said, “It is a lie that I have given forest bit in exchange for money.” “We do not give any forest bits, but the forest department may allow fishing this year,” he said. I will bring more details in the next issue ………


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