114 villages were flooded in Tangail


Tareq Rahman Tangail: The low lying areas have been inundated due to rising water in the inland rivers of Tangail. At least 114 villages in six upazilas of the district have already been flooded. As a result, the common man has fallen into extreme misery with cattle. On the one hand, water is rising in the houses and on the other hand, the crop lands are being submerged. Crisis of clean water and cattle feed in flooded areas, power crisis in some areas. According to the Tangail Water Development Board, in the last 24 hours, the water level of Jamuna River has increased by 16 cm at Jokarchar Point and is flowing at 11 cm above the danger level. The water of Jhenai river has increased by 19 cm in Basail section and is flowing over 22 cm of danger zone. Also, the water of Dhaleshwari river has increased by 22 cm at Elasin point and is flowing slightly below the danger level. It is learned that about 20 villages of Jhawail and Hemnagar union of Gopalpur upazila, about 40 villages of Arjuna, Gabsara and Gobindasi union of Bhunapur upazila, about 25 villages of Gohaliabari, Durgapur, Salla and Dashkia union of Kalihati upazila have been affected due to rising water level in Jamuna. Water has entered about 10 villages of Katuli and Mahmudnagar Union, Bharra of Nagarpur, 6 villages of Salimabad and Daptiyar Union, Sadar of 12 villages of Basail Upazila, Kashil and Fulki Union. At least 16 government primary schools in those areas have been flooded and teaching has stopped. On Sunday (June 19) morning, some parts of Salla and Hatia dams of Kalihati upazila and paved culverts of Analiabari road were broken and crop lands and houses were flooded. Also on Saturday (June 18) night, a section of the Dakshin Para-Balina road in the Basail municipal area was washed away by a strong current and flood waters flooded the municipal area. Shahalam, Abul Kalam, Azmat Ali of Magra Union, Hazrat Ali of Durgapur, Jamal Hossain, Abu Bakar, Sharafat Ali of Gobindasir, Benazir Hossain, Kashem, Arfan Ali of Charpouli, Nazrul Islam and Abul Khair said that their houses were flooded. Water is entering the house before the household goods are removed. Kalihati Upazila Gohaliabari Union Parishad Chairman Abdul Hai Akand, Durgapur Union Parishad Chairman. Sirajul Islam, Bhunapur Gobindasi Union Parishad Chairman. Dulal Hossain Chakdar said that ordinary people are in extreme misery due to rising water level in their houses. They are helping as much as they can. But so far no government assistance has reached the flood-hit areas. Tangail Water Development Board Executive Engineer. Sirajul Islam said the flood waters were rising. At the rate at which the water is rising, it would not be surprising if the floods take a terrible form. However, the Water Development Board is more vigilant than ever in dealing with the flood situation.


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