Recruitment test of Baharpur High School postponed due to invisible reasons


Md. Kabir Hossain, Own correspondent: On the day before the examination, the recruitment examination of Baharpur High School in Baliakandi upazila of Rajbari has been postponed due to invisible reasons. Job seekers have expressed frustration over the sudden announcement of suspension of exams. Job seekers do not know why the reason for the sudden postponement of exams was announced a day ago. The chairman of the recruitment committee says the exams have been postponed because he is ill. On the other hand, the headmaster says that it has been stopped due to unavoidable reasons. The recruitment committee member M. A Quddus says- many candidates did not get admission so the suspension has been announced. However, when asked who did not get it, he said, the headmaster can say it. On April 29, 2022 (Friday), the headmaster of the school published a short notice on the inside page of the local daily Matrikantha and on page 11 of the daily Prothom Alo. An Assistant Headmaster, a Computer Lab Operator and an Office Assistant are required. 6 persons applied for the post of Assistant Headmaster on the condition of a bank draft of 15 hundred rupees. He applied for the post of computer lab operator for 12 rupees on the condition of a bank draft of 15 hundred rupees. A total of 26 people, including 13 people, applied for the post of office assistant on the condition of a bank draft of Tk 1,000. June 12 school headmaster. The valid candidates received the admission card signed by Abdul Majid Sheikh. In the meantime, the recruitment committee made all kinds of preparations including the representative of DG. But suddenly the authorities decided to postpone the examination after noon on Saturday (June 18). The headmaster informed all the candidates that the June 19 exam will not be held on their mobile phones. However, he did not say what the reason would be. He also informed the candidates that the date will be announced later. If you want to know about the announcement of the sudden closure of the recruitment committee chairman. Ali Mansur Khan said that he could not be present on the day of examination due to his physical illness so it has been postponed. The next date will be announced. Another member of the recruitment committee, MA Quddus, said that many people did not receive the entry form sent by post and therefore it was declared closed. The headmaster went to the school on June 19 to talk about it. With Abdul Majid Sheikh. He said the test has been postponed due to unavoidable reasons. We will inform the date of the next test. When asked if he had an unavoidable reason, he first said that the president was ill, then said that many had not received the admission forms sent by post. The headmaster cannot say the name of the representative of DG Mahaday. After a while, the headmaster of the government boys’ high school said. If he wants to know which candidates did not get the admission card, he cannot say exactly. In front of the reporter, he talked to Sadia Akhter Kana, who is applying for the post of computer operator. This candidate named Sadia Akhter Kana is the niece of the headmaster’s bad relationship. It was alleged that Sadia Akter Kona’s uncle Bakul Master (Ramdia) was making financial transactions with the headmaster to give the particle a job as a computer but the headmaster denied it. He made it clear in the appointment that no bribe trade would take place. Out of the total 26 candidates, the admission papers of 11 candidates have been sent by post. Asked how they would get the tickets of the rest of the students, the headmaster said that the signatures of the rest of the people have been kept in the registry book with the tickets in hand. Show the reporter a notice of suspension of the recruitment test written by the computer and signed by the president and the head teacher. Although the notice had the names of both the president and the headmaster written on June 18, it was written on June 19 with a pen. ‘No notice was seen anywhere in the school. In this regard, the representative of the DG of the recruitment committee, Mahabuba Akhter, the headmaster of Rajbari Government Boys’ High School, said that the headmaster had informed about the postponement of the ‘recruitment test’ through his mobile phone. On the afternoon of the day before the examination was supposed to take place, the headmaster informed me that I would return to Dhaka on the afternoon of 19th June for urgent work. Baliakandi Upazila Secondary Education Officer Kazi Ejaz Kaiser said, “The headmaster called me on June 19 and informed me that the examination has been postponed. Didn’t say it in writing. Didn’t say why. Meanwhile, the candidates expressed frustration over the sudden postponement of the exams, saying, “We are disappointed to hear the news of the announcement of the suspension of the exams.” I have been in tension for almost a month. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. No notice was given. In response to a reporter’s question about this, Baliakandi Upazila Nirbahi Officer Ambia Sultana said, “I don’t know anything about this, I only know from you.” He said that the matter will be investigated. I don’t understand why he announced closure for some invisible reason. They also questioned the transparency of the recruitment committee after this incident. He sought the intervention of higher authorities to ensure that the appointment was transparent.


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