Almond fields of 264 hectares of land have been submerged in water

Khan Md. A. Majid : With the rising waters of the Padma River, a few days of continuous rains have submerged 264 hectares of land in the char area of ​​Faridpur. .Hundreds of farmers cultivating almonds in the North Channel, Charmadhabdia and the char areas of Dikrirchar Union, which are surrounded by the Padma River in Faridpur Sadar, have been affected.
According to the Faridpur Department of Agricultural Extension and Water Development Board, the level of water hazard at Goalanda Point in the last 24 hours is 6.75 cm. .Here, the water level in the river Padma has increased by 25 cm and is flowing at zero point 6 meters below the danger level. Almonds are cultivated in 5,275 hectares of land in the current season in the chars raised in several rivers including Padma. .Of this, 5,000 hectares of land could be harvested almonds, but in the last few days, farmers have lost 274 hectares of land due to rising water levels.Faridpur Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural Extension. Md. Hazrat Ali said that almonds are cultivated in this area throughout the year. .It takes five months to get the yield of almond cultivation. As a result, farmers often cultivate almonds a little late as some river chars wake up late. For this reason, the yield of almonds depends on the nature. 90 percent of the farmers have already been able to bring nuts home. .The almond fields of the rest of the farmers may have sunk. However, he said that the almond growers are not facing any major loss in this water.


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