Rohingyas want to return  their country!


Marjan Chowdhury: Cox’s Bazar Rohingyas fleeing Bangladesh are protesting ‘Go Home Campaign’ in 34 camps in Cox’s Bazar demanding repatriation to their homeland Myanmar.On 19th June (Sunday) the Rohingyas started gathering at the designated place of their respective camps from 8 am. Rohingyas gathered at their respective camps in Ukhia. Demonstrations began in the Teknaf camps. The Rohingyas are urging the world community to return to their homeland through processions and rallies. Millions of Rohingya are participating in the protest under the slogan ‘Back to Home’.Rohingya leader Muhibullah, who was shot dead by Rohingya terrorists on September 29, 2021, led a rally on August 25, 2019 to demand the same.However, although no single organizer or leader of this year’s rally came forward, the pamphlet mentions the persecuted Rohingya people as the organizers.Calling the Rohingya Rohingya, repatriating every Rohingya to the villages of Arakan in a short period of time, including every repatriation agreement, must include in the repatriation process the United States, United Nations, OIC, United Kingdom, European Union, Bangladesh, NGOs, Burmese Citizenship Act 1972 Demands for cancellation, return of property, right to live independently, etc. were raised in this protest.”We want safe repatriation and we hope that the legitimate demands of the Rohingya raised through this rally will be taken seriously in the international arena,” said Majhi, head of the Rohingya Camp No. 18.The President of the Rohingya Youth Association said, “We want to return to our country Myanmar with dignity and respect. At the rally, we are making this basic demand to the world.” We are grateful that the Bangladesh government has set a humanitarian example with our shelter.Additional Refugee, Relief and Repatriation Commissioner Mohammad Samchu-Ddouja said the Rohingya were expressing their desire to return home from their respective positions. He said that their peaceful activities would not be hampered but so far no large gathering or demonstration of Rohingyas has been allowed without human chain.APBN’s Additional Superintendent of Police (Media) Kamran Hossain, who is in charge of law and order in the camp, said protests were taking place in different parts of the camp. The APBN has always been active in controlling the law and order situation in the camp area and ensuring overall security.In 2017, the Rohingya citizens of Myanmar were tortured and forcibly deported to Bangladesh due to the heinous atrocities of the Myanmar army, which is considered as the most horrific exodus of Rohingyas in history. The persecuted Rohingyas have raised 19 demands to the international community through peaceful human chain.


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