Price of 13 kg boiled fish caught in Padma is 16 thousand rupees

Khan Md. A. Majid, Faridpur District Correspondent: A boil weighing 13 kg was caught in a net in Faridpur. .The fish was caught from Balaisha area of ​​estuary of Padma and Bhubaneswar rivers in Sadarpur upazila around 5:30 am. The fish was caught in the net of Kamal Hossain Bepari (33), a resident of Ram Sundardangi village in Dheukhali union of Sadarpur.
.Kamal Hossain dealer brought the fish to Char Bhadrasan Upazila Sadar fish market. Jasim Khan, the storekeeper of the market, sold the fish by open mail to fish trader Ripon Haldar for 15000 tk. Later, Mukul Mollah, son of Abdul Rashid Mollah, a resident of BS Dangi village of Char Bhadrasan Sadar Union and Mostafa Sheikh, son of neighbor Razzak Sheikh, a resident of the same village jointly bought the fish from Ripon Haldar for Tk 16,300.


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