Entrepreneur Reunion Ceremony at Product Exhibition Festival

Md. Nur Islam Nayan, Dinajpur: A day-long product festival and entrepreneur reunion program was held in Dinajpur to showcase the talents and various products of the entrepreneurs in a festive atmosphere including selfies, chats, dances and songs. During this time successful and millionaire entrepreneurs were honored. Amjad Hossain, Deputy General Manager of BSIC Dinajpur, was the chief guest at the closing ceremony of the festival organized by online Facebook group Dinajpur Girls Club at M Abdur Rahim Auditorium of Dinajpur Press Club on Friday evening. Chowdhury, General Secretary of District Juba League Anwar Hossain, Former General Secretary of Dinajpur Press Club Golam Nabi Dulal and many others. Moderator of Dinajpur Girls Club Renesa Alam also spoke. Mamata etc. The 12 stalls of the fair have a variety of costumes, jewelery, food, cosmetics and handicrafts made by the entrepreneurs which captivated the visitors throughout the day. The directors of the group said that the journey of Dinajpur Girls Club was started to spread the talents of the entrepreneurs everywhere and to make them self reliant. At present our online membership is around 1 lakh 16 thousand. Our entrepreneurs are becoming self-sufficient by running an online business by managing their homes and families. Again, many have been able to get special support from their families through good income on online platforms without running after jobs.


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