A pangasius fish costs twenty thousand take!


Own reporter: A huge pangas fish has been caught in the net of Padma Jail in Rajbari. The weight of the fish was found to be 16 kg. And the fish has been sold for 20,800 take. The fish was caught in the net of fisherman Gopal Haldar in Padma river at noon on Saturday 18 June. Later, the fish was taken to Kesmat Mollah’s temporary fish market at Ferry Ghat No. 8, but the owner of Chandni Arifa Fish Market at the ferry wharf, Md. Chandu Mollah bought the fish at a total price of Tk 20,000 for 1250 rupees per kg. Later he sold the fish at a price of Tk 1300 per kg to a trader in Dhaka for a total of Tk 20,800.


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