There is no government initiative in Phulbari, construction of bamboo bridges by themselves


Siddiqur Rahman Shahin, Phulbari (Kurigram): 16-06-22 There is no government initiative in Phulbari of Kurigram so construction work of a 130 feet long bamboo bridge is going on in the voluntary ashram. The locals, including the local people’s representatives, have been doing this for the last 15 days to alleviate the suffering of the people. Thousands of people from five villages, including Kishamat Shimulbari and Kharua on both sides of the river, have been hit hard by the government’s failure to build bridges. During the monsoon season, the locals suffered immensely. Then some people use dinghy boat for crossing and some people use it for crossing on banana raft. This often leads to accidents. Students also fall into terrible danger.
It has been seen on the spot that thousands of people are risking their lives in the dilapidated condition of the 130 feet long bamboo sakoti built on the river Baromasia at Karim Ghat in Kishamat Shimulbari area of ​​Naodanga union of the upazila. The locals are struggling to cross heavy sacks or goods. School-going students, especially women and children, crossed the road cautiously but often got into accidents. Year after year the locals claim the bridge but in fact the bridge was not built at the crossing. In order to facilitate the movement of the locals, local UP member Rashedul Haque has started the work of constructing a new bamboo bridge for the last 15 days with the help of the locals.
Locals Karuna Kant and Raju Mia said that the locals have been suffering for ages as the bridge was not built. Every day I cross Sakonti in fear. It seems that Sakoti breaks down after crossing the broken places! Seeing such misfortune, UP member Rashedul Haque has started construction of new bridge on his own initiative. It is hoped that the construction work will be completed within the next 10 days.
Farmers Sanju Mia and Hashem Ali said there was a ghat here 6 years ago. Then we are crossing by boat. Then we collect bamboo from the people and give it to them. This time Sakonti is broken. Now there is a problem in crossing.
Fish traders Ataur Rahman Ratan and Hamidul Islam Himu said the length of the sakonti is about 130 feet. Every day more than 4 to 5 thousand people cross this bridge. Every year we make our own initiative to make Sakonti suitable for crossing.
Rashedul Haque, a local UP member, said thousands of people had suffered year after year because the bridge had not been built. Every year for 6 consecutive years on their own initiative, with the help of the locals, they have to cross the river by constructing bridges. He urged the concerned authorities to construct a bridge as a matter of urgency.
Fulbari Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Sumon Das said action would be taken on the spot.


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