Two MPs in one seat, cheating in identity of cheating Majed MP


Md momtazuddin/Md.ezazul, Uttara correspondent: Alhaj Md. Habib Hasan. But in this seat another fraudulent murderer Majed introduces himself as an MP. He introduced himself to a person on the phone and said, “What is MP, I am Habib Hasan MP.” Who made Habib Hasanre MP? I made it. To build a mountain of money in daily life, Majed Khan is now a hero of the criminal cycle. The mysterious unknown story of a finger suddenly swelling into a banana tree is no longer unknown. After coming to the committee of RAJUK Commercial Market in Uttara of the capital, it has been seen that the severity of his occupation and deception is not limited to RAJUK market only, but he has swindled crores of rupees by seeing the business community in different parts of the country. It is learned that Majed has become a hero of terror in the society even with the horrific allegations of multiple frauds including murder cases. Majed has also succeeded in demolishing the mosque in RAJUK market and constructing a market for rent. Kamruzzaman, a Dhaka-based businessman and businessman from Kushtia’s Ailchara village  road and Ailchara post office in Kushtia, said Majed had taken a security deposit of 1 coror 10 lac Tk. Later all the papers and buildings are being handed over without handing over. I searched his hotel area and found out that this hotel is the same crime and the realm of sin? Later, when I demanded a refund from Majed, Majed threatened to kill me. I have lodged a complaint with Banani police station in this regard. Majed has not returned the money to me yet. It has been reported that Majed Khan has given a gentleman named Kamruzzaman to complete a new bar licensing operation called Blue Ocean. Majed Khan has taken a security deposit of Rs. After cheating in a fancy way, he did not explain the plot anymore. This fraudster Majed took the money as security on 21-05-2021 but he was embarrassed to explain the plot. The plot was later found to be residential. Bail has been termed as a commercial plot. The people of Uttara are trying to hide themselves in the religious activities of showing off their beards to publicly deceive the deceitful murderer Majed. In Uttara of the capital, Majed sometimes pretends to be an MP for 18 seats. Majed again lets the big leaders in politics make big vital posts which have resulted in those who have suffered from his deception are now frustrated. The only question in the minds of the people of Uttara now is where is humanity and where is the power of this murderous deceiver Majed Khan? The locals have sought the intervention of the administration in this regard.


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