Tangail in batteries are being melted openly, a huge population is at health risk

Tareq Rahman Tangail: An illegal lead making factory has been set up on the banks of Dhaleshwari river in Ghoshpara area of ​​Ward 4 of Katuli union of Tangail Sadar upazila. Lead is being made by openly breaking old batteries and burning them without heeding any rules and regulations. Besides, the waste of this factory is being dumped in the nearby Dhaleshwari river. Environmental scientist Professor. According to Md. Mahbubul Haque, burning of lead in such open space has resulted in heavy and highly toxic substances entering the biodiversity and human food cycle. Thus the particles are scattered in the air and on the ground when the battery is broken and the lead is melted. The negative impact of which will be far-reaching. It can be seen on the spot that a lead factory has been set up in Ghoshpara (adjacent to SDS bridge) area of ​​Katuli union of Sadar upazila by burning old batteries. Ten workers and employees are breaking old batteries and separating the plates. Abandoned parts of the battery are kept separate everywhere. These ten workers are working day and night in this factory without taking any security measures. Besides, the company does not have any signboard, trade license, certificate of factory department, clearance of environment department and safe furnace for making lead by burning batteries. Scattered in various parts of the factory are discarded battery wastes, plastics, carbon and various harmful substances. About 120 kg of lead produced in a half-tonne pick-up factory with a monogram of a private polytechnic educational institution in Tangail is being extracted to be sent to a China factory in Dhaka. Shahadat, an employee of the factory, said that a total of ten employees including him had come here from North Bengal to work. Under the direction of the owner, they are breaking the battery and burning it to make lead. Knowing that it is harmful for people and environment, they are doing this because of stomach. He added that the batteries were broken during the day and lead was made by burning them after 10 pm. They have no furnace to burn their batteries to make lead. So the lead is being made by burning the batteries in the open. Several locals, who did not want to be named, said the two owners of the battery factory were close relatives of an influential leader of the ruling party in Tangail. As a result, the factory has been running for a long time ignoring the requests of the locals and local people’s representatives. Especially when lead is made by burning batteries at night, the locals have great difficulty in breathing. They also said that as it was raining as there was no tent at the place where the batteries were burnt, the toxic waste along with the rain water would spread to the whole area and flow into the nearby Dhaleshwari river. Once upon a time there was a lot of fish in this part of the Dhaleshwari river, but since the opening of the factory no fish has been found here.

Iqbal Hossain Mia, chairman of Katuli Union Parishad, did not want to speak at first but later said, “You know very well who owns this factory.” Despite pressure from locals and public representatives, no action is being taken against the factory. The factory owner did not even receive a trade license from the union council to run the business. He acknowledged his helplessness in closing the factory. Zamir Uddin, deputy director of the Tangail Environment Department, said he was not aware of the illegal factory. However, making lead by burning batteries in public places in this way causes air pollution and severe damage to the animals living nearby. He has already evicted a lead factory by burning an illegal battery in Lauhati union of Delduar upazila after taking charge. He added that action would be taken against this illegal factory as soon as possible. He sought the cooperation of the local administration in the eviction process. Tangail Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Ranuara Khatun said he came to know about the illegal factory on Facebook Live of several journalists. Legal action will be taken to evict these illegal factories as soon as possible. Dr. Md. Mahbubul Haque, Professor and Environmental Scientist, Department of Environmental Science and Resource Management, Maulana Bhasani University of Science and Technology, said, Accomplishes. A policy should be formulated for burning lead in the open. Strict supervision is required in production and marketing of lead under this policy. As a result of burning batteries in the open, this heavy and toxic substance lead is entering our food cycle and life cycle. Whose negative effects are far-reaching. We all have to be careful about this. It is to be noted that lead extraction factories from old and discarded batteries have been causing severe pollution and loss of life in the country for a long time. These factories are being set up all over the country, without any plan. Not complying with existing environmental laws. It is destroying public health, biodiversity and ecosystem. Haor from Shalban, river basin from hills, ports from agricultural lands to ports. All the battery factories have been set up in the settlements. Analyzing the news published in the media, it has been seen that most of these battery factories do not have any clearance from the environment department and the factories do not have any waste management system as per the environmental law. Occasionally, the Department of Environment, through mobile courts, fines or seals these factories. In this way, if lead poison spreads all over the country through the old battery factories built in different parts of the country, it will create a terrible chaos in the nature, starting from cattle and human beings.


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