Terrorist attack on BCS general education cadre officers in Dinajpur

Md. Nur Islam Nayan : Danijpur I want safety in the workplace ”In the light of the centrally announced program at the gate premises of Dinajpur Government Women’s College on Sunday 12th June, as per the decision of BCS General Education Committee like all over the country. Strikes and human chains were observed in protest of terrorist attacks, insults and insults against education cadre officials.
President of Dinajpur Government Women’s College Unit Prof. Md. Abdul Matin, Secretary Md. Chayed Ali, Secretary of Teachers Council Md. Saifuddin Imran, Central Committee Rangpur Divisional Member Jasmine Akter and Prof. Abedur Rahman spoke on the occasion. The speakers said, “Today we are holding a strike and human chain program in protest of the terrorist attack, humiliation and slander against the BCS general education cadre officers working at Gafgaon Government College Mymensingh.” At the same time, we strongly demand the immediate arrest of the terrorists and exemplary punishment. The government must provide safety in the workplace and take the necessary steps to protect the dignity of teachers.


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