In different places in Bauphal Muslim protests

Firoz Alom, Bauphal upazila correspondent: Protest processions and rallies have been held at different places in Bauphal of Patuakhali,to protest against the insulting of Prophet Muhammad (Sah) and Hazrat Ayesha Siddique (RA) by Nupur Sharma, spokesperson of the ruling party of India and Nabin Kumar Sindal, head of media cell of Delhi branch. After the Friday prayers on Friday (June 10), a protest procession was taken out from Golabari area under the banner of Islam-loving people of the municipality with the participation of thousands of devout Muslims from different mosques of the city, students of madrasas and students of all walks of life. The procession ended at the Upazila Chattar after going around the main roads of the city. Then the assembly was held there. Besides, thousands of worshipers marched in the Nurainpur area of ​​Suryamani Union under the banner of Union Musulli and Yubsamaj after Friday Asr. The procession started from Nurainpur Bazar Mosque, toured the whole area and ended at the same place.
Speakers at both the gatherings demanded exemplary punishment for insulting the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Hazrat Ayesha Siddique (may Allah be pleased with her) and bringing those who insulted them under the law. Speakers at the rally also called on people of all walks of life to boycott Indian products. Later, the program was concluded with prayers.


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