Demonstration in Nabinagar  protest of insulting Holy Prophet


Nabinagar (Brahmanbaria) Correspondent: Thousands of Touhidi people have rallied in Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria, to protest against the remarks of two leaders of India’s ruling party, Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). Today, after the Friday prayers, the worshipers from different mosques of Nabinagar municipal area staged a protest procession. The procession started from SR Jame Mosque in Nabinagar Sadar, went around different roads of the city and ended again at SR Jame Mosque with a short rally.
Speaking at the rally were Nabinagar Upazila Chairman Moniruzzaman Monir, SR Jame Mosque Khatib Mufti Belayet Ullah, Nabinagar Press Club President Jalal Uddin Monir, Awami League leader Nasir Uddin, Nabinagar Market Committee General Secretary Ashraful Alam Jani, Maulana Qayyum Farooqi, Maulana Hasan Mawlawi. , Maulana Amir Hossain, Maulana Abdul Matin, Maulana Sana Ullah etc.
Speakers at the gathering said that Allah Almighty has declared in Surah Ambiya that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is a mercy for the whole world. Nupur Sharma Kumar Jindal, the spokesperson of the ruling BJP in India, has committed an unforgivable crime by making offensive remarks about that Prophet and Ummul Momin Hazrat Ayesha (RA). He called on the Government of India to immediately apologize to the Muslim Ummah for providing exemplary punishment (execution) to the perpetrators for their derogatory remarks. Speakers at the meeting urged the Muslims to boycott Indian products.


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