Construction of Kasba railway station, which was closed due to BSF obstruction, will start soon


Moynul Bhuiyan, Brahmanbaria Correspondent:  Due to obstruction of Indian Border Security Force (BSF) in No-Man’s Land complex Construction of the closed Kasba railway station in Brahmanbaria will begin soon Secretary of the Ministry of Railways said. Humayun Kabir. Saturday (June 11) One of the journalists at Akhaura railway station in Brahmanbaria at 10:30 am He said this in response to a question. Akhaura-Laksam dual gauge railway by train to see the progress of construction work He came to Akhaura from Dhaka. He then proceeded to Laksham from Akhaura railway station. Railway Secretary Humayun Kabir said construction work of Kasba railway station has resumed. The matter is being discussed between the two countries. Work will begin as soon as possible. Hope Work will start soon. Note that construction of Kasba railway station was hampered due to no-man’s land complexity Gives BSF. As a result, the contractor has stopped work for a long time.


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