Allegations of violence against leaseholders at Ulania port, traders on verge of intimidation


Md. Zillur Rahman Jewel, Galachipa, Patuakhali: Permanent traders and general buyers from far and wide are complaining that the traders are threatening them due to irregularities in the lease of Ulania Trawler Ghat in Galachipa upazila of Patuakhali. As no trawlers came to the weekly market in the trawler wharf area of ​​the traditional port of Ulania on Friday, June 10, the traders lost millions of rupees as they could not sell or sell. Many old timber traders in the port Md. Sahidul Islam, Ashraf Faraji, Md. Moksedul, Md. Shah Alam, Amir Hossain, Md. Sabuj and Md. Kamal along with Senatorial ring slab trader Md. Shamim, small hotelier Md. Selim Gharami, Beauty Rani, along with more than half a hundred traders said that the current market Oghat lessee Md. Jahangir Parvez and his people are losing their way today due to irregularities and coercion. When they are collecting money from distant trawlers on market day as they wish, beatings are also taking place when they protest. As a result, no trawlers came from far and wide. Selim Ghorami and Beauty Rani of small food hotel said, we could not sell rice today, how can I pay the price of fish curry? The laborers of Din Muzur Trawler Ghat said that due to the tyranny of the lessee, no traders could sell or sell any trawler today, we did not earn a single one! Ki niya bari yamu kare dukhne bhatne paare. Md. Razzak Pada, a sapling trader, said that he used to earn some income by selling small seedlings of different species brought from Barisal, but today I lost a lot because no trawler and buyer came to any trawler wharf. I want to escape from this tyrant and tyrant by eating two handfuls of dal rice. In addition, the leaseholder has collected a lump sum of Rs. It was said that the market and ghat leaseholders and their people would not oppress the business in any way. But without saying that, on the contrary, by collecting their fictitious rents, by using the names of political figures in the upper house, by creating division among the buyers and sellers, they are continuing to rule by tyranny. He warned that if there was no solution, they would take strict action to protect their standard of living. In this regard, it is known from the local trawler ghat leaseholders Md. Jahangir Parvez and Humayun Sikder that in the year 1429 Bangla 2022, this year they have leased this Hathbazar and trawler ghat for 6 lakh 50 thousand taka. They did not commit any irregularities or oppression. He told me that he would sit down with the businessman this week and come up with a solution. Upazila Nirbahi Officer Ashish Kumar said on his mobile phone, the lessee cannot do it, oppression will not be tolerated. Although no written complaint has been received yet. Even then, the matter will be looked into.


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