Sitakunda tragedy: Akram of Gazipur gave emergency medicine to Chamek

Riad Gizipur: The injured in the blast at BM Depot in Chittagong’s Sitakunda are groaning in different hospitals.  So far, 48 people have lost their lives in the horrific fire.  In such a situation. Akram Hossain, an American expatriate, stood by the patients at Chittagong Medical College Hospital with various emergency medicines including high quality generation antibiotics.  On Thursday (June 9) morning, the director of the hospital handed over the emergency medicine to Brigadier General Shamim Ahsan.  He later inquired about the patients admitted to the hospital. The director of the hospital, Brigadier General Shamim Ahsan, said people from different walks of life have set an example of humanity.  The high quality medicines provided by expatriate Akram Hossain in the medical service of the injured are very important to save the lives of the patients.aMeanwhile, Akram Hossain said, in this moment of crisis, everyone should stand by the sick.  7 types of drugs including injectable albutin, high quality latest generation antibiotic meropenem, steroid injection methyl prednisolone have been given.  About 1 thousand patients will get the service.  He also said that he was happy to be able to assist in the treatment of the injured in Sitakunda.  Akram urged the capable people of the country to come forward to deal with this situation.  Akram, son of Ismail Bagmara of Damdama village in Sreepur of Gazipur district.  Akram, who lives in America, has set up a huge fish farm in Gazipur.  He has been working voluntarily for a long time to improve the living standards of the disabled.


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