Prices of medicines are rising buyers and shopkeepers are suffering

Sharifa Begum Shiuli,Staff Reporter: In Rangpur, suffering has increased among shopkeepers and buyers as there is no fixed price on medicine leaves. Medicine is essential to save lives. But when it comes to buying medicine, patients have to suffer in different ways. Because there is no price list for medicines, buyers and common people do not understand which one costs how much.
Meanwhile, there is no end to the worries of any human being. If there is a slight physical problem, you should seek the help of a specialist and pay a minimum consultation fee of 7,000 Tk to 1,000 Tk . Doctors perform various tests, fill prescriptions, prescribe medicine and end their duties. And when it comes to buying medicine from a pharmacy with that prescription, you have to pay different bills from time to time. Which does not match the bill of any other shop.
Asked by some drug dealers, they said that raising the price of medicines almost every day causes big problems between us and the public. We shopkeepers do not know why or why the price of medicine is increasing. The company is taking more price of medicine from us without notice. Buyers come to buy medicine and after hearing the price, I bought it yesterday. Why another price today? Yesterday it was 7 rupees and today it was 8 rupees. It is a big responsibility to understand when the companies increase the price of medicines and when they stop supplying them.
Some companies give notice when it is closed, while some companies keep it closed for many days and supply medicine again. That makes us quarrel with the buyers. For example, from the time of coronation we need some more packets including paracetamol if we need 10 packets but the company gives one packet. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. The company does not give us enough medicine. In that case we suffer again and again from the buyers. It is our fault even if we sell it, it is our fault even if we do not sell it. There is no law in our country, the price of things can go up, then the situation is normal but it does not go down. The company doubles the profit.
In this regard, drug buyer Azizar Rahman (72) said, the price of drugs has become exaggerated. Going to take any medicine that price, we are poor people, the price of medicine is high, it has become difficult for us to survive. I bought it two days ago, come today and listen to it. Shopkeepers say the company is off supply so the price is high. Stupid people have studied a little. I don’t understand if the company does not increase the price or the shopkeeper increases it. My appeal to the government is that if the medicines of all the companies were in the prescribed price list shops, it would be an advantage for us.
While buying medicines, Kajal Mia (30) said that they have become a syndicate of drug dealers. They, like organized groups, sell at fixed prices, as before, even after MRP, they would pay us 10% or 5% less. But now they are not giving it. Because shopkeepers have a union / association if any shopkeeper gives medicine with discount in commission. Then there is a punishment for the employees of that shop. Again, they are giving it to the commission by hiding it from some acquaintances. So, no one is getting any benefit. I would like to say that if we keep the buyers within a reasonable price with the same commission as before then it will be beneficial for all.
Asked by another customer Swachal Hossain (32), he said that lately, it is seen that drug stores are not giving any discount. Even after the MRP is written, they are giving medicine at a higher price. It is seen that ordinary people from the village come to Rangpur hospital without understanding anything. Taking advantage of their simplicity, some shopkeepers are charging higher prices for medicines and surgical items, which is hurting the poor people from far and wide.
Especially for the poor and helpless buyers, it has become very difficult for them. This is because they do not add value to the medicine. If all medicines are priced, the shopkeepers will not be able to take the bill as they wish. The demand of the buyers and the general public is that the price should be added to the medicines which do not have price written on them.
Asked by Maruf Elahi, director of the central committee of Bangladesh Chemists and Drugs and senior vice-president of the Rangpur district branch, he said there was a misunderstanding between chemists and buyers to increase the prices of some medicines. The pharmaceutical industry association raises the price of medicines without notice. This has created confusion among us as well. In this context, we have tried to sit with the Central Committee and the Pharmaceutical Industry Association by applying time and time again. But they have not given any schedule yet. We are trying to sit down and discuss what can be decided.
Meanwhile, Touhidul Islam, assistant director of the drug administration department in Rangpur, said that if the price of a product of a pharmaceutical company goes up, it is controlled by our head office. If a chemist raises the price of the product locally. We identify them and take necessary action through the campaign.


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