Lower middle class people face multifaceted problems

Advocate Md. Rayhan Ali: After two long years of corona transition, I am now trying to get up a bit. I am trying my best to get the world back to the way it was before. He is busy with how to take care of the economic field of the world. If there is no economic comfort in the world, then there is not much value and value in the family and society. Then only one person without fame has to be with the society. In the language of the poet,I want to say that when scarcity comes to the door, love escapes through the window. No matter how dear we are to our family, we have to cover ourselves in the evening! Ignoring all obstacles,when we are thinking about the happiness of the family,then again the sand, that is, the unbridled rising price of daily commodities. Disoriented mind, no plan to run the family seems to be working anymore. Navishvas has started! On the one hand, he has lost his job in Corona, on the other hand,he has lost his way in search of new employment. Then there is the idea of ​​limiting the purchasing power of daily commodities. He is trying to deal with his family in a rough way. Just as there is a limit to all efforts,there is also a limit. In the whiplash of scarcity and poverty, public life is monotonous with sorrow and wailing. The curse of rising commodity prices has fallen on the common man. The price of every commodity has gone up. Prices of electricity and gas have also gone up.  It is difficult to find a product whose price is not increasing. The lower middle class seems to have surrendered helplessly to the high prices of daily necessities. How to fulfill the responsibility of this world is in trouble. Despite having the will, the basic needs of the family, children and subordinates are not being met.  Even a person of good character becomes a defendant or a climber when his back is against the wall. Although there is a desire to treat the family well, the mood is getting irritable due to that.  Many anxious family heads are inadvertently drifting towards uncontrolled behavior.  As a result,domestic violence is on the rise. At the same time, various crimes like violence against women and social degrading crimes are on the rise.
M M Enayetur Rahim,chairman of the Supreme Court’s Legal Aid Committee and a judge of the High Court,said the crime rate has risen and fallen with the economic and social conditions of the society.  – Earnings have fallen. For all these reasons, however, domestic violence has increased. “(Source: Prothom Alo,September 11, 2021). The big challenge. But not only Bangladesh, but the whole world is now facing the highest inflation in the last one decade.  And the dishonest hoarder syndicate traders are not missing such an opportunity. Illegal stockpiling of goods is creating an artificial crisis and holding consumers hostage. So ordinary people face many problems.
In 2000, 48.9 percent of the population lived below the poverty line in Bangladesh. In 2005 it dropped to 40 percent. Then the poverty rate gradually decreased. Then, before the Kovid situation, the official poverty rate was 20.5%.  But there are no official figures on how many people have fallen below the poverty line in the Corona epidemic.  However, According to a research report by the private research institute South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (SANEM), before the outbreak of the corona epidemic in February 2020, 20 percent of the country’s total income was 6.62 percent of the poor.  And 15.72 percent of the top rich 5 percent. But the corona has reduced the income of the poor.  The income of the rich has increased. Now the rich 5 percent make 15.6 percent of the total income of the country. Poverty 20 percent of people now earn 7.48 percent.  In the current situation, the poverty rate has increased due to the adversity of the overall economy of the country.Taking care of the world anew by tackling natural problems has become like cutting the throat of the lower middle class. Despite so many problems, people in the haor area of ​​Sylhet are drowning in the flood waters.  Farmers’ dreams float in the flood waters.  Thousands of hectares of crops are under flood waters. They have doubts about their normal life. Thus, in this agricultural country, farmers have to grow crops through various natural and unfavorable conditions. Overall, the farmers are not good.
According to a research report by Dr. Abul Barkat, President of Bangladesh Economic Association, before the lockdown announced by the government to prevent corona, 20 percent of the total population of the country was poor, 60 percent was middle class and 10 percent was rich. After the lockdown, the poverty rate has risen to 40 percent, the middle class to 50 percent and the rich to 10 percent. In other words, even in the hands of Corona, the wealth rate remains unchanged at 10 percent.  But with the income of the middle class declining by 20 per cent, they have gone into poverty.  As a result, the middle class rate has decreased by 20 percent. Poverty rate has increased from 20 percent to 40 percent. In one year, 14.65 percent of the country’s people have fallen below the poverty line. If the total population of the country is 16 crore 70 lakhs, then due to the effect of corona, 24 crore people have become poor again. The rate may have increased several times due to the second push of the corona and the subsequent rise in commodity prices after the corona.The people of our country have become accustomed to living through many adversities. The multidimensional problems of the people of the country may not last long. The government is working relentlessly in various steps to solve the problems. The government needs to take immediate steps to identify and address the problems of low-income people through urgent action and monitoring. The government as well as the common people have to take the economic wheel of the country forward from the beginning to solve the problems.


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