Heavy rains kill 10 in China


International Desk: At least 10 people have been killed in heavy rains in China’s Hunan province. Thousands of people have been displaced. Chinese state media quoted AFP as saying. Heavy rains began in Hunan province on June 1, AFP reported. So far, about 2,700 homes have been damaged in the province. Two lakh 6 thousand people have become homeless. They have been evacuated to a safe haven. At least 10 people have been killed so far, said Li Dazian, an official in Hunan province. Three more are missing. The Hunan provincial government said in a statement on Thursday (June 9th) that the water levels in rivers and lakes had risen significantly due to heavy rains. Every effort is being made to deal with this situation. According to local authorities, 1.7 million people in Hunan province have been affected by the heavy rains. Floods are common in southern and central China. These regions receive heavy rainfall during the summer season. Floods in central China last year killed more than 300 people.


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