Security guard Khokon is busy in politics without performing government duties!

Firoz Alom , Bauphal upazila correspondent : khokon as a security guard in a government food warehouse. But without fulfilling his responsibilities, he spends more time chatting and hanging out. Photos and videos of people participating in public political rallies and gatherings have gone viral on Facebook. A video of a political rally and rally on Tuesday (June 6) is on Facebook.His name is Md. Khokon (35). On paper, he was employed as a security guard at Kalaiya Government Food Warehouse in Bauphal Upazila, Patuakhali. According to food warehouse sources, there are supposed to be seven security guards in Kalaiya food warehouse but only two are there. For this reason, the two are supposed to share 12 hours of duty. There are allegations that Khokon Sarkar, being an influential person of the party, did not work and spent his time in party meetings. It is learned that on Tuesday (June 7) he (Khokon) was supposed to perform his duties during the day, but he was in a procession under the banner of Upazila Juba League at the Upazila Sadar around 11:15 pm. Photos and videos of the procession have gone viral on social media Facebook.A person from Kalaiya food warehouse area, who did not want to be named, said that Khokon works on paper and pen. No one saw him as a security guard. Occasionally the food went to the warehouse but the officer took notice. He is a drug addict, dope test will match the evidence. In this regard, Md. Khokon said, “I did not take part in the party procession after completing my official duties.” In response to a question, he said, “I shared my office work at night.” I am not obliged to tell you about this. Do what you can. He also claims that he does not use drugs.
In this regard, the officer in charge of Kalaiya food warehouse. Zakir Hossain said, “Khokon left the food warehouse around 9 am on Tuesday (June 8 as he had urgent work to do.” He declined to comment further.When contacted, the district food controller said. Liaquat Ali said, “There are allegations of irregularities in his job. I will also inform the higher authorities on Tuesday (June 7).


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