President and secretary of Akhaura Chhatra League apologized

Brahmanbaria Correspondent: President and general secretary of Akhaura Upazila Chhatra League of Brahmanbaria have admitted their mistake and apologized to the district committee. In this case, the notice sent to them has been withdrawn.A notification signed by the district BCL president and general secretary on Tuesday night said that in response to the show-cause notice, the two leaders of the upazila, realizing their mistake, apologized unconditionally. The response to the notice was satisfactory. The Municipal and College Committees will be re-announced, the press release said.Earlier, the president and general secretary of Akhaura Upazila Chhatra League announced six committees from Sunday evening to night. According to the constitution announced by the Municipal and Shaheed Smriti Degree College Committee, it is not under the jurisdiction of the upazila.Meanwhile, when people all over the country were mourning over the Chittagong tragedy, there was a suppressed dissatisfaction with the announcement of these committees. On Monday, the Municipal and Shaheed Smriti Degree College Committee announced suspension from the district and a letter of reason was given to the Upazila President and Secretary.Leaders and workers were instructed not to hold any joyous procession in this situation. That is why there was no joyous procession with the BCL committee anywhere in Akhaura. Leaders and activists are limited to congratulating on social media Facebook. Although many people rushed to the house of an Awami League leader with flowers.Akhaura Upazila BCL President Shahabuddin Beg Shaplu, General Secretary. Shakhawat Hossain Nayan announced the convening committee of Dharkhar, Moniyand, North and South Unions of the upazila and Municipal and Shaheed Smriti Degree College branch in a separate notification on Sunday night. There is talk of announcing these committees in the next three months.It was mentioned in the notification that these committees were announced with the aim of making Chhatra League dynamic. Naimur Rahman Rony in the Municipal Committee, Abu Bakkar Ajmain in the College Committee, Mostaq Bhuiyan Shaon in the Northern Union, Naeem Hasan Nir in the South, Mashiur Rahman Rimon in Moniyananda and Shafayet Robin in Dharkhar were convened. These committees have 25 to 51 members.The announcement of the committee sparked widespread criticism at a time when locals, including the central leader of the BCL, were engaged in service work in the Sitakunda tragedy in Chittagong. However, no one from Chhatra League wanted to say anything about it.Meanwhile, it has been alleged that there are accused and unaccounted for drug cases in these committees. Anger has started inside. An important leader of a union has already resigned.District BCL general secretary. Shahadat Hossain Shovon told Daily Present Times: Those two committees are of equal status in the upazila. In this case, if the Upazila Committee gives these two committees without any consultation with us, the Upazila President and Secretary are asked to show cause.”Their response was satisfactory,” he said. He apologized, saying he did not know that they did not have the authority to give the two committees. That is why we have withdrawn the show cause notice. The two committees will be announced through the district soon. In this case, the opinion of local leaders will be given importance.


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