Post office in Hatkrishnapur is not like an abandoned house

Khan Md. A. Majid : Hatkrishnapur is the main business center and important area of ​​Sadarpur upazila of Faridpur. There is a sub-post office here. At present the condition of the office is very dilapidated. .Seen from a distance, it looks like an abandoned house. When it rains a little, water falls with rice. Doors and windows broken. Documents are to be kept covered in polythene. The porch of the four-story tin house is broken and hanging. Those concerned are fearing an accident if the shed breaks at any time.It is learned that Hatkrishnapur sub-post office of Sadarpur upazila was established in 1974. From the beginning, the office was run in a tin house with a rent of 500 tk. The office house is dilapidated as it has not been repaired and repaired for a long time. .Fearing for their lives, 15 staff members are carrying out their duties here.Going to the spot, it is seen that the area around the post office is full of garbage. Liability for sitting in office due to bad smell of toilet and drain. Electricity bills are paid from the salaries of the employees.Postmaster of the sub-post office Md. Akhtaruzzaman Mia said the situation is very critical. We are doing our job here in the interest of the job. No healthy person can work in this building.Asked about this, Deputy Postmaster General of Faridpur Postal Department Md. Tariqul Islam said that the post office has no land of its own. Due to which it is not possible to construct the building. Besides, I have heard about various problems. The higher authorities have been informed about this.


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