With onset of monsoon season in Muradnagar, a hundred year old traditional boat market has come to a standstill


Md. Khorshed Alam: Comilla District Muradnagar Upazila Bangra Bazar Police Station Ramchandrapur Bazar under the boat market has been frozen. Employment has been created for many people in the village of 12 Ramchandrapur Union. Starting from seniority, Ashwin has been selling boats in the market for four months. The full season of the boat market starts from the month of Ashar. Then in the water of the canal the boats go for sale and purchase. Chambal, Mahogany and Raintree wooden boats come here. Talk to more than one local person. They said that this market is held in Ramchandrapur market every week. However, the price of boats this year is not as high as their expectation as compared to last few years. But the reality is that the hundred-year-old boat market is slowly disappearing in the course of time. Even a few years ago, traders used to decorate this market in rows and rows of boats. At present traders come to this market with a small number of boats. Buyers do not have anagona because there is no water. Boat sellers sit like crows in the hope of selling. Boat makers and traders are not seeing any profit despite a small number of sales. In this situation, the boat makers and traders have become frustrated. It is learned that as 171 canals of the upazila have been evicted, the use of boats is not going on as before. In the past, people used to go to their relatives’ houses by boat, and fishermen used to make a living by fishing by boat and farmers used to cultivate the land with canal water. Now that these canals have been filled, the use of boats is not much.


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