Students have to count fees in seven sectors of primary school – Allegation against headmaster!


Moynul Bhuiyan : The headmaster of Chandura Government Primary School in Bijayanagar upazila of Brahmanbaria has been accused of charging fees from students on various pretexts. Complaints lodged by locals and parents of students in different departments mentioned collection of fees in seven sectors. There have also been allegations of various irregularities against the headmaster. Meanwhile, after the complaint was lodged, the headmaster paid the debt of a ‘para teacher’ through a bank check. The concerned have already started investigation in this regard. However, no action was taken against the teacher till Monday. According to the complaint lodged with the Bijaynogar Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Harunur Rashid has been collecting fees from the students on various pretexts since joining at the end of 2016, which is against the rules. These include Admission Fee, Book Payment Fee, Session Fee, Examination Fee, Registration Fee, Certificate Fee, Syllabus Fee. Besides, the head teacher does not spend the government allocation in the name of the school properly. The number of students in the school which is open till 8th class is about 1100. The complaint was signed by 39 people on behalf of the locals and parents. The husband of one of the teachers of the school said that since the headmaster joined, irregularities have become the norm here. People in the area have been forced to lodge complaints with various departments in May. Other teachers at the school are also upset over the head teacher. Para teacher Sumitra Rani Das said, ‘I get regular salary for a few months after being hired as a para teacher in this school. However, after the headmaster Harunur Rashid joined, my salary stopped. When the Upazila Primary Education Officer came to investigate, he told me the details and the headmaster gave me a check for Tk 42,000 on June 6. ‘ However, the headmaster said. Harunur Rashid Khan has denied the allegations. “I have not received any fees from the students,” he told the Daily Presents Times on Monday afternoon. The allegations against me are being investigated. In response to a question, he said that the steering committee was late in paying the money and could not pay the teacher’s salary on time. Upazila Education Officer Shahnewaz Parveen did not want to say what came up in the investigation. “The Upazila Nirbahi Officer has given me the responsibility to investigate the matter,” he told Kaler Kantha. The report will be submitted to him on Tuesday.


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