Bumper yield of maize in Faridpur

Khan Md. A. Majid : This year, bumper crop of maize has been harvested in the chars of Faridpur. Prices have tripled since the Russia-Ukraine war. Farmers are smiling because of the good prices in the market. .This year, a record amount of maize has been planted in char lands. High yielding varieties of maize are cultivated by the most profitable farmers in the lands where one crop was planted per year. Maize cultivation is increasing day by day in the char areas as it is more profitable at low cost. .And Bayer Crop Science has assisted the farmers in the char areas with high yielding seeds in maize cultivation.
Farmers have planted maize in a record amount of land in the chars of different unions of Faridpur Sadar Upazila, Dikrirchar, North Channel and Charbhadrasan Upazila this year. .The bumper crop has been harvested due to favorable weather. Due to the widespread use of maize in the market, there is a huge demand in the market for several years, maize farmers have been cultivating maize. As it is more profita


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