Sheikh Ruhul Amin was awarded the highest honor “Hall of Fame”

Kazi Rubayet Islam, Khulna Sadar Correspondent: Sheikh Ruhul Amin was awarded the “Hall of Fame” in the highest honor class at the “World Sports Star Awards” 2022 in recognition of his contribution to the development of karate, self-defense of women and children and above all physical exercise of adults. The medal was presented by the World Sports Martial Arts Council, USA, in a grand ceremony in Kolkata, India, on the 22nd of last month. About 8 people from Bangladesh including him have been awarded this medal, but he is the only person to get this medal in Padma. His contribution to the development of karate in Khulna is undeniable. He launched the first modern karate dojo (martial arts training hall) for the development of karate in Khulna and the first online karate education service during the Corona period. Also under his supervision “Young Karate Organization” Martial Arts School is being run in Khulna. The martial arts school has training facilities for adults, including boys and girls of different ages. Training arrangements have been made under their supervision for self-defense training of children and girls in different parts of the city. Besides, he is in charge of Khulna divisional coach. At present, the students of the club have gold and silver medals in various regional, national and international competitions. In Khulna, for the first time, a gold medal of a federation of international standard has been handed over to them (world union of martial arts federation, England). When asked about the future of martial arts, he said that medals are not the only thing, he will try his best to spread karate all over Khulna as a dedicated soul behind karate. He also expressed hope that his martial arts school would play a role in preventing the decline of different societies through karate. In the absence of sports, children and adolescents are going astray, gaming, child gang formation and inattention to studies can play an important role in solving these problems. He has been instrumental in the expansion of karate in Khulna for the last two decades, through teaching and learning karate. Sitoryu Karate came to Khulna holding his hand. Achieved the fourth Dan on Karate from Bangladesh Karate Federation, also received various honors from home and abroad. Received 5th Dan from World Union of Martial Arts Federation and 5th Dan from SKSA International. He hopes that Khulna Karate will one day rise to the top and the face of Bangladesh will be brighter through Khulna Karatekas.


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