Kaniz Fatima, who did not give up in  battle of life, was promoted to  rank of Major

Md. Khorshed Alam : Captain Kaniz Fatema, daughter of late Kamal Sarkar of Vinglabari village in Comilla district’s Debidwar upazila, has been promoted to the rank of Major. On Saturday (June 4) at the Army Multipurpose Complex in Dhaka Cantonment, Chief of Army Staff General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed promoted him to the rank of Major in the presence of all the formation commanders. Kaniz Fatema joined the Bangladesh Army in 2011 with a dream of serving the country. On 18a September 2012, Major Kaniz had an accident during his training and broke his spinal cord. In the light of the above-mentioned incident, it was not possible for him to continue the strict and orderly normal activities of the army. But this fearless woman was determined to work for the protection of the country’s interests without giving in to fate. Respecting this indomitable zeal of Kaniz Fatima, the Army commissioned a special consideration in 2013 with a 69 BMA long-term course, ignoring all obstacles. Later, Kaniz moved around with the help of Fatema wheelchair, but with the help of her indomitable mental strength and colleagues, she was able to carry out her daily activities spontaneously. The rate of physical disability has complied with his will step by step. This rare honor bestowed on a fearless woman by the army, a symbol of the confidence of the country and the people, will always be a role model in the advancement of every woman in the country and a shining example in the pages of history. As part of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s empowerment of women, the first regular recruitment of women officers in the army began in 2000. Following this, since 2015, various steps have been taken to accelerate the advancement of women in the country, including the addition of women soldiers, the issuance of unit commands to women officers, and the appointment of women officers to important positions in UN peacekeeping missions. The nation will remember this special event with respect on the instructions of the Chief of Army Staff.


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